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6 years ago

Plastikman Logo – “Reakuainted”




No, this isn’t a logo of Casper the friendly ghost melting nor is it a cookie cutter stencil. This logo is a persona of Riche Hawtin aka Plastikman. Plastikman was influential DJ and Producer back in the 90’s and a logo I would doodle numerous times unconsciously. I had even bought a t-shirt with this logo and have gotten many compliments on wearing a Plastikman t-shirt. It was also one of numerous logo’s that inspired into looking into my field in web design.

This logo was printed on numerous Plastikman album cover designs. The logo caught my eye when purchasing Plastikman’s first album, Sheet One. ( Probably the most influential techno albums I have ever bought.)

I was in a nostalgic mood and rummaging through old cd cases of mine the logo caught my eye again. After I picked up my old cd, I wondered if I can find the graphic artist who made this logo. I did a quick search( j/k google search) and found a blog post about the Plastikman logo on The Canadian Design Resource website.

I scanned a few comments on the Plastikman logo post where some old school fans went as to tattoo the logo on their neck, back and extremities and a comment discussion of “anyone know who designed this logo” I stumbled upon a comment, who claimed it was his work.

The graphic artist name is Ron Cameron and for the record educated me about the history of this logo. He commented,

“Uhmm… Hello, I’ll introduce myself. Ron Cameron from California. I did this for my own skateboard company called Strike (through Acme Skateboards), the “Street Worker” model in 1991. Someone re-scanned it and sold it to Richie Hawtin in 1992, and claimed ownership. Richie found me around 1997, and everything was settled all cool-like. I’ve been friends with Richie since, and Plastikman is re-issuing the 1st LP in 2010, with actual plastic toys of this character, and one for each song title, 12 total. Be on the look-out soon!”
To my surprise after 3 clicks of the mouse( great UX usability btw) I finally found the graphic designer who inspired me back in the day with the Plastikman logo accompanied with Plastikman who inspired me with the second wave of detriot techno.

And, yes want purchase that 2010 re-issue of Sheet One with plastic toys of, “Casper the friendly ghost melting”

Ron Cameron’s portfolio website:

Coming out Feb 2011!
Plastikman “Arkives Komplete” Box Set
11 CDs, 6 vinyl albums, 1 DVD, 1 book and 1 poster on the complete works of Ritchie Hawtin’s most famous alias



plastikman official website:


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